Among Us (MOD, Unlocked)

A game in which you need to go on a space trip on the ship, and for this you need to prepare it for departure. But the ship has one saboteur who will brake, cause chaos or destroy the participants, vote the team and find the impostor.

Hacks & MODs
Included in this MOD/Injection.

Unlock all skins
Unlock all pets
Unlock all hats

Deadly Impostor
Always impostor
No Kill Cooldown
End game [Impostor wins]
Sabotage hack

Perfect Crewmate
See impostor
End game [Crew wins]
Always lights on
Increase report body size
Godmode [Can’t die]
See impostor

The game is yours
Instant Win [Enable before start]
Wall Hack
Speed hack
Super Eyes
Snowboard mode [Move like a snowboarder]
Always isible chat
Random Colors
No ads